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Large Wing

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The Epic Large wing paddle has the largest blade surface area of the Epic wing paddle line, and provides the most power per stroke.

The Large Wing is designed specifically for sprint racers, specializing in 500m and 1000m events. 

Available in our Full Carbon Stiff Shaft construction option, which is designed for maximum energy transfer.

Full Carbon construction - 27.5 oz (780 grams); comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.


Blade Width: 6.8" (17.3 cm)
Blade Length: 20.9" (53 cm)
Surface Area: 131 in2 (845 cm2) 
Weight: Full Carbon 27.5 oz (780 grams)


Full Carbon - $605

  •  780 g
  • Carbon fiber blade, Blue carbon oval shaft
  • Fully adjustable length & feather

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