The all-new Gen 3 V12

The all-new Gen 3 V12

The wait is over!! It’s here! The Epic Gen 3 V12 has hit the water.

After 4 years of collective feedback from elite paddlers, 2x Olympic gold medalist, Greg Barton has put his 23 years of design experience into the ultimate downwind machine.

The Gen 3 V12 recovers faster after running down the face of a wave, and punching into the wave in front, has a bow that pops up quickly and stays on top of the water, and is as nimble as the current V11.

After spending a lot of time paddling both the V11 and Gen 2 V12, looking at video footage, and working with force diagrams in front of his computer, Greg came up with a hull and deck shape for the front third of the ski, that works together to provide the right combination of lift and watershed. With a noticeably sharper bow, it cuts through small chop with maximum efficiency.

A touch shorter than our previous version, with an enhanced rocker profile, the Gen 3 V12 has the glide of a longer ski and the quick turning and handling of a shorter ski.

The Gen 3 V12 is designed for maximum performance and efficiency, as well as comfort and sheer paddling pleasure.

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