Introducing the New V9

Introducing the New V9 - Epic Kayaks Australia

Epic Kayaks Australia is proud to launch the Epic V9 surfski. For the latest specifications, please review the new V9 product page or view the video link taken in Sydney a few weeks ago.

"My goal for the V9 was to make a playful ski that both experienced and intermediate level paddlers would enjoy in downwind conditions. A boat that is so much fun that you can't wait to get back out on the water!" - Greg Barton, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and Epic's Chief Designer 

“Whether on flat water, harbour or ocean, the new V9 carries over many elements of the recently released Gen 3 V10 and with increased stability, this is a super exciting boat. The v9 definitely fills the sweet spot between the V8 Pro and the V10 Sport, optimised for downwind surfing with increased rocker and stability, it has all the stability of the V8 Pro with the surfing ability of the V10” - Davey Brand, Director Epic Kayaks Australia

"The new V9 feels fast! For a moment it reminded me of a V10 sport that I paddle a lot, however out in the ocean I was bouncing from one run to another, the nose didn’t bury and paddling over the top of the run in front was effortless! For those looking for the perfect all-round flatwater and ocean surf ski the new V9 delivers in speed and stability. “ - Luke Horder, Sydney Harbour Surf Club 

For more information about the new V9, or to organise a demo, please contact Epic Kayaks Australia on 0451 094 063.