Read more about Epic Kayaks Australia’s appointments

Read more about Epic Kayaks Australia’s appointments - Epic Kayaks Australia
Epic Kayaks Australia Appointments
Epic is proud to announce the following recent appointments at Epic Kayaks Australia:
• Davey Brand - Australia and Race Team Director
• Tessa Brand - Marketing Director
• Andrew Bettman - Managing Director
After two successful years as Epic Kayaks Australia’s distributor, Davey has become a Director of Epic Kayaks Australia and appointed as the Epic Race Team Director. “I am proud to be appointed as a Director of both Epic Kayaks Australia and the Epic Race Team. Racing is part of the Epic Kayaks DNA and will return as a focus for us in 2020 and beyond. As much as racing is important to me, I am excited about our current product range and the increasing popularity of Epic's in Australia”. 
Tess’s role extends far beyond marketing with her responsibilities ranging from events through to customer relations, logistics and generally keeping everyone ‘on track’ and focused.
Andrew is a relative late comer to the world of paddling and let's face it, whilst he is absolutely passionate about everything paddling related, he won’t be threatening a race podium anytime soon. Andrew will manage Epic’s commercial interests in Australia. 
“With the continued popularity of our surfskis, kayaks, and paddles, we felt it was the right time to invest in these recent senior appointments," said Charlie Brand, Chairman, Epic Kayaks International.