Epic Kayaks Stability Pads Set

Epic Kayaks Stability Pads Set

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The Epic Stability Pads set is perfect for those who need a little extra support for their sit bones, or are working on training stability in the boat. You can add or remove layers for your comfort, or as a way to train your balance by sitting higher in a more stable boat.

Our stability pad set is made from 4 layers of 6.5mm thick closed cell foam and has a self adhesive back with hook and loop (velcro) attachment. Each layer has 2 removable pieces, to help relieve pain from the pressure on your sit bones, if needed.

Installation note: the pad should be installed with the Epic logo towards the bow - the cutout notch is for your coccyx (tailbone).

Always remove these pad from the seat when transporting your surfski on a vehicle.

** Our warranty does not cover the pads coming loose and/or getting lost **

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